These principles guide our actions

Commitment We recognize the importance of our relationships with clients, the community and each other, and we’re committed to keeping them strong.
Collaboration We’re a strong team of tax and investment professionals working together and closely with clients, to provide excellent service.
Clarity We strive to understand clients’ goals, communicate clearly and demonstrate transparency in all we do.
Consideration We believe in conducting our business according to the golden rule, with fairness, mutual respect and appreciation of all involved.
Client-Centered Taking care and concern for client’s needs, wishes and fears—and having a whatever-it-takes attitude—is part of our DNA.

Who is SBK Financial?

  • Wealth Management Advisory Firm
  • Services: Integrated Financial Planning, Investment Management, Tax Strategies
  • Founded: 2005
  • Who we serve: Executives, Retirees and Other High Net-Worth Individuals and Families
  • Compensation: Fee-Only
  • Located: Richmond, VA

Meet the Team

SBK team members have a lot in common. They work hard, listen carefully, and bring a clients-come-first mindset to all they do. Every one of us is accountable to each other, the firm—and those we serve. Our advisors are experienced in wealth management and the founders are EY (Ernst & Young) veterans.

For all the ways our people share key characteristics, we’re careful to cultivate the differences that make us a better, stronger and more effective organization. Our individual temperaments, talents, expertise and experience complement one another’s, helping us achieve our purpose of improving clients’ lives.

SBK Financial Senior Management Team. Front row, left to right: Claire Craighill, Partner; Dean Williams, Partner and Senior Tax Advisor; Andrea Broughton, Founder and Managing Partner. Back row, left to right: Tom Doyle, Senior Wealth Advisor; Stephanie Stumpf, Partner and Chief Compliance Officer; J. Kevin King, Founder and Partner.
Founder and President
Founder and Managing Partner
Partner and Chief Compliance Officer
Partner and Senior Advisor
Senior Advisor
Operations Director
Associate Advisor
Senior Client Service Specialist
Senior Client Service Specialist
Client Care Coordinator
Operations Associate
Accounting Manager